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Sustainable Swap

One of my latest sustainable swaps is moving away from a plastic loofah (as it had fallen apart and was no longer usable - don't throw away your plastic products before they need to be, otherwise you're adding plastic into landfill before it's necessary to) and swapping to an exfoliating soap pouch made of natural agave fibres that are sustainable and biodegradable, from the lovely @chalkevalleysoaps 💚🌿⁣

Most UK households throw away at least 40kg of plastic each year, and loofahs are included in that. Yes, they may not be replaced very often, but it still counts. ⁣

Most store-bought loofahs are made of PE (Polyethylene) and it is the most common plastic in use today. It's the same plastic that is used to make plastic bags and has the same deadly effect on the environment. ⁣

So, today's sustainable swap is a natural exfoliating pouch, instead of a plastic loofah. Why would you want to wash your body with plastic anyway when you can with natural products?⁣